Sunday, December 7, 2008

Moments Musicaux: AH!

Is it only for myself that the currents of coincidence play to an appropriate score, usually provided by WGBH, Emmanuel Music, in some very dramatic cases the car radio- and in one perfectly absurd case the ring tone of a perfect stranger's cell phone!? I started this blog this week to honor the anniversary of the passing of the "Mad Genius" and today we had Buxtehude: for the prelude; for the cantata (Kommst du, kommst du, Licht der Heiden?) and for the Postlude; Praeludium in G minor. the connection with the Mad Genius is that he was a passionate advocate of the idea that everything of value in Bach was inspired by Buxtehude. I can't speak to that, only for his love of Buxtehude. The music was sublime. Thanks to Nancy Granert our organist and Emmanuel music.

I particularly enjoy the intimacy with the musicians in this setting, the closeness as they process by my seat and their clear sense of prayer through their music.

The Buxtehude Cantata starts with a quintet for strings. After the first bars I heard from behind me a joyous AHHHHH! the intonation was so sweet and the sound so true. 

My thanks to Emmanuel Music.

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