Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Another International Incident-Update#1

I was tossing and turning with a fever last night and of course could think of nothing but potential blog posts:

"In fact, the world is full of hopeful analogies, and handsome dubious eggs call possibilities"

That is for the other reader, who is winging her way to distant shores, and whose love hate relationships exist in a world outside most humans' emotional range. BTW I am fiercely jealous that she got to see rock and roll! (you bloggers understand about these little coded messages, don't you? we are actually- no I won't say it; it might cause another international incident.)

My emotional range last night only brought me as far as the russian emoticons- I really can't explain why that is the case. I thought I would take on the "pi" project myself. Don't attempt this at home unless your working in a unicode compatible program:

Note: Copyright 2008 michael scanlon

while trying to figure out the upload image tool I came up with this

 :-))-; (means" I wish I hadn't agreed to meet this guy)


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theotherreader said...

:-))-; (means" I wish I hadn't agreed to meet this guy)

You have found the emoticon that summarizes my entire dating history.

In regards to your later post on accepting gifts as a gentleman should: please work on this. I am daydreaming of all the ceramics and woodblock prints I must bring home to you.