Thursday, December 18, 2008

And while on the Theme of Xmass....

The elves at SlashDot have come across this perfectly astounding example of humans projecting their own personalities onto other entities- even ones who have very little use for us other that as food.

After you've had a good chuckle- you are chuckling, are you not? Dear me, I'm not hearing chuckles......

After you've calmed down consider this: what we have here is an excellent model of how man relates to God. By playing Him Christmas Carols in effect, because we know that, of course, the heavenly Sun has it's solstice at the exact same time as our Sun, and surly He is nostalgic over the kisses under the mistletoe he stole from (I'm not telling.) And then the clouds look so much like snow on a ski slope from above- we know that from our trips to Steamboat- and of course he was "With Us" on the slopes, remember that time we fell off the ski lift and caught a tip but didn't break anything? God needs a break from the city too, right?

Just as the sharks do. What do you suppose they have for Christmas Diner; Hebridean sailor? Or possibly they will go south to the Bay of Biscay and have a nice Basque and visit the museum. You can tell from their shape that they would really love Frank Gehry, and his architecture too!

Or maybe sharks celebrate Kwanzaa in the caribbean!

 I don't think these researchers have put enough thought into the planning of this experiment.

Happy Merry!

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