Wednesday, July 8, 2009

kingfishers#11, A Coda

I am large, I am small
On some days short, on others tall,
Full of force,
Filled with fear,
More, or less, or naught, or all.

Always rebellious but well behaved,
Formal in manner if somewhat depraved,
Ever so kind
Even when curt
Abrupt when distracted but never a knave.

Happily depressed, I'm Saturn's man,
A.D.D. with a long attention span,
Ever sober,
Given to extremes
Exacting the rigor perfection demands.

My mind runs wide, my opinions resolved,
Generously conservative with liberalities allowed,
Retiring to the very bone,
Of course assertive when at home,
Mildly disposed with much strength involved.

I myself become confused
By so many manners used,
Facets turned to light,
"Which one is right,
Which true, which false?" I often muse.

What was it I was looking for?
Some clear cut image, nothing more
To hold with comfort
My odd shaped mind,
and bring my simple self to the fore.

Sorry, did I hear you laugh?
Have I made some kind of Gaff?
Why would you think me
Stern or haught,
Can't you see my fragile heart?

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