Saturday, May 16, 2009

Before we move to far into the warm weather, and forget winter altogether, I want to share this photo with you. With the coming of Spring I heard many prayers at church and at temple which thanked God for deliverance from the cold and ugly repression of winter- from the grey days. From my perspective this seems odd, in the first place because I think winter is amazingly beautiful, and in the second place- well, here's that projection of myself again. It always makes me cringe if someone says they don't like something I've made, so I wonder what must God feel about those prayers? Half the year thrown away by a people absorbed in the preconceptions of what life should be that have been fostered by a material culture that only recognizes sunshine

Creation is a varied and complex thing that has a repertoire of beauties that is vast, and we can enjoy most of them without being threatened on any level. Technology keeps of safe from freezing and damp, so we can enjoy the manifestation of nature's moods without being threatened by them, yet we rush with our heads down through scenes like that above and complain of the ugliness of winter. Allow me to suggest long underwear. Thank God for for the beauty of a winter night.

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