Monday, February 9, 2009


I thought I'd tie up a loose end,"Subjunctively Challenged" (spell check is exceedingly disturbed) and treat you to a saying or two, mine (moi) and the Mad Genius's (MG.) I'll go first:

"We live in a society that thinks irony is something you do to a shirt, allegory is children's literature, and the subjunctive is used only in apologies." (moi)

"they're my neuroses, I've worked hard on them, I deserve them, and I just want to be left alone to enjoy them!" (MG)

"We don't get to design our boyfriends, we just have to take them off the shelf" (moi)

"Michael, I'm hallucinating no-see-ums!" (MG)

"Of course the psyche meds aren't helping the voices; you're taking them, not them!" (moi)



Carolyn Roosevelt said...

"The subjunctive is used only in apologies."

the man from Utz said...

Carolyn passes the humor test with an A